Welcome quilts

Welcome Quilts

Welcome Quilts was formed in July 2010 when Isobel Whooley became the Welcome Quilt co-ordinator for the club.  She was looking for a gap in the community where they could make a difference and offered quilts to the Red Cross Refugee Services. 

Since then many quilts have been given to Refugee families  who arrive in NZ with very little. In September 2012 Refugee Services' Porirua office celebrated the 100th handmade "welcome quilt" with a morning tea for Coastal Quilters members. Since then many more quilts have been provided. In May 2015 we provided a quilt for girl from Columbia who was reunited with her family, then 11 quilts in October for the children of refugee families from Burma and Columbia being settled in Porirua. We have provided 17 for the children of Syrian families who arrived on Friday 26th February. In April 2016 another 17 were handed to the Red Cross for distribution 46 in the last 9 months! 

Today (2016), Marge Hurst is the co-ordinator and Coastal Quilters continue to provide a quilt for younger members when a new family settles in the Porirua area. This could not have been achieved without the dedication of members who donate fabric, piece quilt tops, assemble quilts, quilt them, stitch bindings. It is a proud tradition for quilting guilds to make quilts for charities as a contribution to the community.  In late 2014 we surveyed our members to check whether they still wanted to do this.  The decision was “yes” but the committee made the decision to make quilts for the children only to try to keep the numbers of quilts manageable – just as well we did given the recent demand!  Naturally it is entirely up to members whether or not they choose to participate.

Further groups of refugees are expected later in 2016 and we intend to welcome each child with their own new quilt. 

A selection of quilts handed over in April 2016


2012 Refugee Service Raffle Quilt